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A leading Italian household fabrics manufacturer established nearly a century ago, T&J Vestor has its headquarters in Golasecca on the banks of the Ticino river, where it opened in 1921. The initials T&J unite the names of the two founding families, Torrani and Jelmini, the third generations of which now run the company.

Over the decades, T&J Vestor has built-up a fine reputation for the superior quality of its products. It has always primarily focused on excellence in everything – business, plan or project – and has never lost sight of this objective despite the many changes throughout the years. The company archive reveals this fascinating trajectory from its very beginnings, with testimonies of the achievements attained.

While it first made a name for itself outside Italy in the 1970s, the company concentrated in the '80s on establishing a new concept in quality. Vibrant, rich and appealing, the collections of bed and bath accessories followed one after the other and regularly won acclaim at the top international fairs. And not just in Italy, but increasingly around the world, too, in the leading cities of international luxury such as Paris, London, Monte Carlo, Zurich, New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo.  Today, the vast proportions of the global market continually spur T&J Vestor to expand its know-how and boost its international profile.

The creativity and ability to innovate are marks of extensive expertise that the Lombardy–based textile manufacturer has acquired. In addition to an imaginative use of patterns and colours, other distinctive product values include the careful selection of the right materials and fine workmanship, which stands out for the use of sophisticated, even manual, techniques such as embroidery.

The introduction, in 1983, of the MissoniHome range to the products it makes under licence was a further pivotal move that led T&J Vestor to engage with projects that did not exclusively involve textiles and to embrace new concepts such as furnishings. This turning point brought about the addition of furnishing accessories to its production and, later, both indoor and outdoor furnishings.

Then, in 1995, it developed the 1a Classe Alviero Martini home collection, placing the brand's distinctive image on a luxury range of household, tableware, bedding and bath collections.